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“I want to let you know how important Tray Transportation is to our business. ABT Foam and MultiDrain Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier who depends on time sensitive deliveries. Tray transport is a critical link between us and our customers. Good communication is imperative to us. You and your team are excellent in communicating with us and our customers which makes Tray Transport and our companies an asset to our customers.

We always appreciate your prompt and courteous service. We value the fast, accurate and competitive quotes which means we can respond quickly to our customers allowing ABT Foam and MultiDrain Systems the opportunity to secure more orders by offering our customers excellent service. Your drivers are second to none. They are always polite, courteous and helpful when picking up orders at our facilities and we get excellent feedback from our customers. Your drivers are always on schedule when picking up orders and on time with their deliveries. They are a direct reflection on us and we are proud to have your drivers represent our companies."

—  Ken Mahaffey, Sales Manager at ABT Foam & MultiDrain Systems

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